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Bridge Pin Puller

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Billy Gray's

Love 'n Thumb Self-Massager

Jeanne K. Russell, DC


10912 Riverside Dr., North Hollywood, CA 91602

Telephone (818) 760-2059


"I am most impressed with the 'Love 'N Thumb' - After 20 years in practice this is unquestionably the most effective self-help device I've experienced. It comes the closest to actual 'hands-on' in its ability to find the right spot and deliver the right amount of pressure."

– Cynthia Busch, violist Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

"As a member of a major symphony orchestra for well over 30 years, I know what it's like to get those annoying and painful knots in my upper back after a strenuous performing schedule. Somehow, those knots know just where to go where my arms can't reach ... but your Love'n Thumb Self-Massager sure can! Thanks to your amazing device, I can precisely control the exact amount of pressure and know precisely where to apply it. Your Love'n Thumb Self-Massager is so substantive and secure. It is the best and easiest way to get me back onto the stage! Thanks Billy!!!"



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